An intentional approach to physical activity that prepares students to be active for life

The Athlos Healthy Body program focuses on long-term athletic development by establishing a lifetime of fitness for students of all athletic abilities.

  • Redefine Physical Education

    Bring purpose back to your physical education program with a long-term athletic development approach

  • Appeal to Parents

    Although schools all have the same intent—to educate students academically to the best degree possible—they too often lack what parents want for their children, a comprehensive approach that develops students’ health as well. In addition to being engaged in, challenged by, and successful at their academic studies, parents want their students to be well-rounded.

  • Enrich Your Academics

    The push for higher achievement on standardized testing over the last two decades has resulted in greater time and emphasis being placed on core subjects and less time on physical activity. Ironically, research shows that healthier students are better learners, and being active helps students to better obtain and retain information learned in the classroom.


Curriculum and Resources

  • Athletic curriculum lesson plans
  • Athletic movement instructional videos
  • Athletic movement coaching competencies
  • Classroom movement break guide
  • Athletic assessment tool, plans, scoring rubrics, protocol sheets, and scorecard
Healthy Body and Performance Character curriculum displayed on multiple devices


Training and Professional Development

  • Initial onboarding support
  • Monthly webinars
  • Summer Institute
  • Winter coach’s clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your curriculum align with state and national standards?

Yes, our curriculum covers state and national standards. In most states and nationally, physical education standards and their outcomes/benchmarks are vague, leaving a lot of room for interpretation. Using these as a guide, we have taken the long-term athletic development model to operationalize them into a scope and sequence of over 750 lesson plans. Our curriculum also includes many movements and progressions of movements not covered in standards or outcomes; this is where our innovation lies. With an emphasis on developing quality movement, the Athlos athletic curriculum blends the professions of pediatric exercise science and physical education.

Why do you refer to physical education as athletic movement?

Our goal is to start a conversation about how we are providing a more quality, innovative solution to physical education rather than unraveling misconceptions and stereotypes that physical education has become associated with.

What type of space do I need to implement your curriculum?

Our curriculum can be implemented in any space including outdoors.

What type of equipment do I need to implement the curriculum?

The equipment associated with the Athlos athletic curriculum is a majority of pieces that traditional physical education programs have and use. However, there are some unique pieces included such as kettlebells, sandbags, plyometric boxes, tow sleds, speed harnesses, and more related to later levels of the Athlos athletic curriculum. We will work with you to create a list and find have providers to give you preferred pricing on all equipment.

What if my students only come 2-3 times per week?

No problem! We will work with you to create a custom sequence and master calendar for the curriculum during onboarding.

What about our students who are starting in the middle of the curriculum and have not received the earlier lessons?

This one is a case-by-case basis. Most often, teachers use their professional expertise to differentiate the prescribed lessons for students. In some cases, teachers can back track to lessons prescribed for earlier grade levels.

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