A character-infused positive behavior support system

The Athlos Performance Character program helps schools build and maintain a positive school culture focused on student achievement and social emotional learning. It also provides a system of consistency when it comes to behavior management practices. The school-wide components easily translate into every location on your campus, including the classroom.

  • Build Character

    By integrating 12 key character traits intentionally throughout the school day, Athlos Performance Character creates a school culture where confident, caring, humble students are daily empowered to achieve their highest potential.

  • Increase Student Achievement

    With the Athlos Performance Character program, school leaders can equip their teachers with effective strategies that will maximize instructional time and increase student achievement.

  • Differentiate Your School

    Teaching social emotional learning will build a strong, positive culture and differentiate your school as an innovator with parents by preparing students to succeed in life and the future.

  • Support Positive Behavior

    The Performance Character program helps make the decision-making process related to behavior management more clear, consistent, and concise for teachers.


Curriculum, Guides, and Support

  • Classroom huddle guide
  • Protocol guide
  • Self-assessment scorecard
  • Shout out cards
  • Staff huddle guide
  • PBIS matrix
  • Student code of conduct
  • Action ladder
  • Behavior referral process
  • School culture/climate walkthrough form


Professional Development, Support, and Onboarding

  • Quarterly webinars
  • 1-2 attendees at Athlos annual Summer Institute
  • Online professional development
  • Six virtual consultations with program specialist (1/month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your program research based?

Yes, our program is based on the vast research of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), OSEP Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (2017), The International Institute for Restorative Practices, and the Schott Foundation.

Do I need both the Leadership and Teacher courses?

The program in its entirety has been designed to meet the needs of the broad lens of the school-wide structure as well as the narrower lens of the classroom. However, it completely depends on your specific needs as a school. If your needs assessment shows that you have a solid school-wide system and need to focus on the classroom, then the Teacher course can be solely used. If you find that you need the start with just the school-wide structures, then the Leadership course can be solely used.

What makes your character program different than other programs available to educators?

The Athlos Performance Character program is more than a set of character traits and tips on use. It is a comprehensive program aimed to support a strong school culture, help students grow into excellent citizens who contribute to society, and supports your school to implement processes to positively improve student behavior. Additionally, Athlos Performance Character comes with support through professional development and intentional onboarding to assure the program is effectively implemented on your campus.

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