A systemic approach to teaching and learning

The Prepared Mind program is an instructional framework that yields real improvement in teaching and learning through comprehensive training and support systems for both teachers and administrators.

  • Support Teachers

    The Prepared Mind program provides teachers with the necessary professional development to support rigorous instruction in every classroom, and unlike other professional development, it goes the next step by putting theory into practice and providing teachers and instructional leadership teams with the follow-up resources needed to implement, such as lesson planning templates and classroom management resources.

  • Inform Instruction through Data

    Prepared Mind’s data analytics ensures that school leadership teams can actively monitor trends teaching and learning to identify needed areas of improvement – both schoolwide trends and trends in individual classrooms.

  • Build a Strong Instructional Culture

    For school leaders, Prepared Mind includes professional development on how to build a focused, strong instructional culture through monitoring teaching and learning.  The monitoring and feedback system includes three classroom walkthroughs that measure implementation of an instructional phases system. The walkthroughs serve as a vehicle for measuring quality of instruction in the classroom, providing instant feedback for teachers, and facilitating coaching and mentoring.

  • Streamline Professional Development

    Much like flipping instruction in the classroom, the Prepared Mind “flipped” approach of online training modules allows educators to access professional development at their convenience and review as needed. Teacher resources are all in one place, so they’re not left scouring the internet for free resources that may or may not prove effective.

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