A comprehensive and strategic student recruitment solution designed to help schools meet student enrollment goals and attain financial and academic success

An end-to-end student recruitment solution, Athlos Student Recruitment utilizes tested marketing, advertising, communication, and public relations approaches to foster awareness in a school’s community, build and uphold a brand of positivity, and support school excellence. Let Athlos help you grow your enrollment and meet your goals.

  • Support School Success

    Strong student enrollment is the foundation to a successful school. Schools that meet their enrollment goals and maintain healthy waitlists are equipped with the resources to better support the needs of their students. With financial stability realized by full enrollment, schools are given the opportunity to expand academic and extracurricular offerings, attract excellent educators, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of students.

  • Focus on Academics

    With the support and expertise of Athlos Student Recruitment professionals, school leadership teams, governing boards, and school staff are given the time to focus on what’s most important – supporting student success. By lifting the burden of marketing, advertisement, event coordination, and messaging from the school team, academic, instruction, and day-to-day school operations take the front seat and schools realize greater success.

  • Reach more Families

    Traditional means of reaching families and engaging with the community have drastically changed in the past five years. Billboards and print advertisements no longer have the impact they once did, and don’t have the ability to tailor reach to your specific audience – families. That’s why Athlos Student Recruitment utilizes contemporary and targeted digital marketing and advertising strategies. These efforts, paired with proven strategies learned from 10 years in the K-12 education space, allow Athlos Student Recruitment professionals to effectively create an impact in the community and grow student enrollment.

  • Build Your Brand

    Attracting families to your school is about more than simply reaching them, it’s about educating them on what makes your school stand apart from the rest, telling your school’s story, and upholding a strong reputation within the school and larger community. Athlos supports schools in their recruitment efforts by assisting in brand creation, storytelling, communication, and ongoing support and training. Building a school community takes more than growing enrollment, it takes a foundation of trust.


A Year of Student Recruitment and Retention

  • Customized year-long recruitment plan and recruitment guide
  • Comprehensive digital advertising
  • Brand guideline manual
  • Social media and website graphics
  • Parent information presentations
  • Communication templates
  • Print materials
  • Exhibit table display materials
  • Branded swag
  • Traditional advertising


  • Social media support
  • Scheduled access to expertise
  • Online training courses
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Event coordination and planning

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of schools can partner with Athlos Academies for student recruitment support?

Athlos currently works with K-12 public charter schools to provide comprehensive student recruitment services. We work with existing schools, start-up schools, and schools wishing to expand. If your school is not a K-12 public charter school and you are interested in student recruitment support, please fill out our contact form for more information on partnership opportunities.

Does Athlos offer enrollment services?

Athlos does not offer student enrollment services as a part of its student recruitment services. School are responsible for having their own enrollment systems and software in place.

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