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Athlos charter school teaches athletes

SAN ANTONIO – The Athlos Leadership Academy’s motto is “Healthy Body, Prepared Mind” because the school is devoted to physical fitness and athletics. Principal Israel Rios said the 12 1/2-acre campus on Chandler Road campus has had a positive impact on the neighborhood and on the children who are lucky enough to gain enrollment there.

The importance of teachers

The Importance of Teachers

With the close of the school year now within sight, it is appropriate to honor the energy that fuels the proverbial educational ship; teachers. On the front lines of learning, teachers provide the spark, flame, and wildfire influencing our next generation.

Social Intelligence- A Crucial Skill for Success in Life

Social Intelligence- A Crucial Skill for Success in Life

For most parents, teaching their children the “social graces” is an old school norm, a part of everyday parenting. “Social graces” is an old fashioned word. It was eventually replaced with the term “people skills” which has since been reinvented as social intelligence.