Frequently Asked Questions

Charter Schools

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools that focus on an innovative teaching method or program of instruction. Charter schools are granted greater flexibility than traditional schools, in exchange for higher accountability. Learn more.

What makes a charter school different from a traditional school?

Charter schools are schools of choice, meaning families choose the charter school for their child rather than attending a traditional public school based on location. While traditional public schools must adhere to specified regulations, charter schools can operate with less restriction from these regulations. Charter schools are accountable to achievement goals set in their charter and can be closed if they do not meet these measures.

Who can attend a charter school?

Like traditional public schools, charter schools are open to any student. Charter schools do not discriminate based on race, gender, or disability.

How are charter schools funded?

Like traditional public schools, charter schools are tuition-free. They, like traditional public schools, are funded by the state based on enrollment.

Athlos Academies

What is Athlos Academies?

Athlos Academies is a social venture, providing educational services to schools throughout the country. These services include, but are not limited to, charter application development, board training, facilities construction and financing, staff and student recruitment, research-based curriculum, and back office support. The innovative Athlos program is based on three Pillars of Performance: Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character.

What does Athlos mean?

Derived from the Greek word for “feat” or “contest,” Athlos revives the classical idea of balancing mind, body, and character. Athlos Academies was born out of the desire to preserve these ideals in the form of a comprehensive educational experience for children.

What is an education service provider?

An education service provider is an entity that a charter school governing board contracts with to provide education services and resources, including administrative support and educational design, implementation, or management. Charter school governing boards contract with education service providers for a number of reasons. They can often leverage economies of scale through centralized services, alleviate day-to-day management pressures, and direct more resources into the classroom through innovative financing models.

What is the difference in roles between Athlos Academies and the local charter school board?

Athlos Academies is responsible for the management of the school’s day-to-day operations. The local school board is responsible for governing the school, including providing leadership, making strategic decisions, and holding the education service provider accountable for the performance of the school.

What is the Athlos Academies model, and how is it unique?

The Athlos educational model is an innovative approach that focuses on developing the whole child. By implementing three foundational Pillars of Performance: Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character, students at Athlos schools are given the edge needed to succeed in a competitive future. The model is an end-to-end solution combining a research-based curriculum with facilities and school operation services. This goes above and beyond what many other education service providers can offer and ensures successful and sustainable schools.

Is Athlos a school for athletes?

Athlos is a school for all students. Strong academics are the foundation of a strong school, and at Athlos we believe higher student achievement is realized by bringing physical activity and Performance Character education to the forefront of our educational programs. We’ve redefined athletics as active, fit, and efficient movement. The Athlos athletic curriculum emphasizes teaching proper movement, has a strong foundation in current research, and is designed to prescribe age-appropriate movement activities to help students of all athletic abilities.

What research is the Athlos program based on?

The Athlos model was developed based on leading research and studies on education, achievement, and social-emotional learning; athletic development, physical education, health, and wellness; and character education. See the supporting research page for specific research elements that support the Athlos model in each of the three Pillars of Performance: Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character.

Does Athlos Academies’ curriculum meet the standards of each state in which you are operating?

Yes. The curricular resources that Athlos Academies provides is scoped and sequenced to meet or exceed each state’s requirements, and the schools are held accountable to these standards by the state charter authorizers.

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