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At Athlos Academies, student success is our priority; and student success depends on school success. Our goal is to improve the landscape of education by providing schools with the services and support needed to succeed through strong partnerships. Athlos Academies offers two distinct partnership types. Whether you’re interested in bringing a new Athlos school to your area, or would like to implement the innovative Athlos model to boost your existing school’s success, Athlos Academies is here for you.

Fully-Implementing Model

Bring an Athlos School to Your Area

This partnership with schools focuses on Athlos’ innovative three-pillar program. It also includes back office services, facilities, in-person professional development, ongoing day-to-day programming, and more.

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Powered by Athlos Model

Boost Your School’s Success

This partnership focuses on the most innovative and impactful elements of our Healthy Body and Performance Character pillars and is meant to accompany a rigorous pre-existing academic program.

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Beyond Academics

I feel that Athlos Academy can help lead the way in making a major impact in how physical education/athletic development is viewed and taught in our country – not just helping students to become better athletes, but more importantly instilling the passion and skills in young people to be committed to being healthy and happy lifelong movers.

Aaron SchwenzfeierAthletic performance coach, Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

I think what really sets us apart from other schools is our character program. Not a lot of other schools focus on developing the student as a person. Making good grades is amazing, and important to get into a good university, but we also want them to leave here knowing that, in any situation they find themselves in, they know how to navigate relationships with other people. What these 12 traits do is allow students to fully grow as a person.

Jose GonzalezThird-grade teacher, Athlos Leadership Academy, Brownsville

Powered by Athlos Model

Athlos Academies believes student success depends on more than academics alone. The Powered by Athlos model builds upon a school’s already high-performing academic program with an innovative Performance Character program and robust Healthy Body program. Through a combination of explicit student experiences, staff development, and an overall shift in school culture, Powered by Athlos partner schools see improved student outcomes in the areas of health, social-emotional learning, and academic achievement.

Healthy Body


Bring purpose back to physical education by focusing on long term athletic development

Science proves that physical activity boosts the capability to learn, and being active better enables students to obtain and retain information learned in the classroom. Athlos puts an emphasis on teaching healthy habits for life, because the mind is fueled by the body. The Athlos Healthy Body program includes a professionally developed, age-appropriate athletic curriculum combining conventional physical education standards with current scientific sports performance methodology.

While the traditional physical education experience is commonly an afterthought, the Athlos Healthy Body program redefines physical education. Healthy Body leverages the importance and necessity of movement and instills lifelong healthy habits in staff and students.

Athlos students


Prepare your students for success by integrating character into your classrooms and school culture

Athlos recognizes the deep connection between certain character traits and success. The development of Performance Character is integrated into every learning opportunity, allowing students to experience this connection first hand. Traits like grit, curiosity, social intelligence, and integrity become a lens through which students view their learning as about more than grades, but as learning for life.

The Athlos Performance Character program goes far beyond moral and ethical character programs offered in most schools. Athlos’ 12 Performance Character traits were thoroughly researched and intentionally chosen because they are indicators of successful performance in life.

school culture


Enhance your school culture to increase teacher retention and student engagement

By fostering a strong school community through intentional interactions between students, staff, and community, the Athlos Performance Character program innately leads to a rich school culture. This results in increased teacher and student engagement and retention.

Strong evidence supports the connection between movement and learning. Schools that do not implement a solid physical activity program are shortchanging student brains and their potential for academic performance.

Eric JensenTeaching with the Brain in Mind, 2nd Edition

Children who are fit perform better on attentional tasks that require greater amounts of cognitive control. This includes a subset of goal directed, self-regulatory processes that include planning, organization, abstract problem-solving, working memory, motor control, and inhibitory control.

Joseph E. Donnelly, Kate Lambourne Classroom-Based Physical Activity, Cognition, and Academic Achievement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Powered by Athlos model and the fully-implementing school model?

The Powered by Athlos model is a hybrid of the most innovative and impactful elements of our Healthy Body and Performance Character programs and is meant to accompany a rigorous pre-existing academic program.

Our fully-implementing schools use our tailored academic program in complement with our entire Healthy Body and Performance Character programs and are supported by Athlos Academies through back office services, facilities, ongoing in-person professional development, and more. In a fully-implementing model, Athlos Academies also assists the governing board with the submission and creation of a school application through year one recruitment and ongoing day-to-day programming.

Will our current school programming or staffing need to change to incorporate the Powered by Athlos model?

How much your daily schedules, classroom instruction, or staffing change will depend on how you choose to implement the Powered by Athlos program with your current offerings. You may believe strongly in the benefits of increased physical activity and movement breaks in the classroom. This may lead you to adjust schedules or staffing to add more athletic movement time and add time for movement breaks into the classroom.

What evidence and research do you have that supports the Powered by Athlos model?

The Athlos Healthy Body and Performance Character programs were carefully crafted based on proven research in health, exercise, and social-emotional learning. Please see our supporting research page.

Can the Powered by Athlos model be implemented over time, or will the entire program be implemented in year one?

The Powered by Athlos model was intentionally created to be rolled out in phases. The purpose of a phased roll-out is to allow staff the opportunity and capacity to embrace elements of the model first and then roll out the model to students. Before partnering in year one, the school will take part in a readiness checklist. Depending on how quickly content is embraced and understood, the implementation process could take several months or several years.

How will the Athlos Performance Character program align with our current character program?

If you have an existing character program, the Powered by Athlos representatives will work with you to evaluate how Athlos Performance Character may work with your existing program.

Can Athlos also provide other services such as extended professional development for teachers and board members, back office support, grant writing support, or facility expansion support?

These types of services can be provided as add-on services to the Powered by Athlos model. Please speak with your Powered by Athlos representative to discuss further opportunities to partner, or contact us.

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