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As record-setting school year concludes, Athlos Academies continues momentum

As students begin to celebrate summer, Athlos Academies, a Boise-based education service provider, is commemorating its most successful year of empowering students, educators, and communities with seven new schools finishing their first year. The new schools, which launched in Texas and Minnesota in 2014, delivered the unique Athlos model to more than 8,500 new students, preparing them for a competitive future while creating hundreds of new employment opportunities for teachers and administrators.

Athlos Academies offers a unique public school model, designed to prepare students for a competitive future. Its engaging curriculum balances three distinct, yet complementary pillars of Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character. This approach educates the complete student by developing healthy habits, lifelong skills, and physical confidence.

Coach Gonzala Garza, Athletic Coordinator at Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, reflects on the successes he’s seen this past school year. “I have seen students grow and develop to be more confident movers. Kids that already had an athletic base have improved their athleticism,” says Garza.

Athlos Academies distinctive curriculum not only sets a high bar for education, but also addresses broader issues facing students today like obesity, dropout rates, and lack of secondary education options and opportunities. “I have witnessed the students that struggle with activity start developing the desire to improve their athletic skills as the school year progressed,” continued Garza.

During his first year with Athlos Leadership Academy in San Antonio, Athlos Academies Lead Performance Coach Peter Verdin shared how his expectations were exceeded. “We have seen students begin to understand that success is determined by so much more than just a grade on a paper,” says Verdin. “In an educational culture driven by standardized test scores, it is refreshing to be with an organization that sees test scores as only a piece of the puzzle.”

Just as Athlos educators see the growth of character and confidence in students, parents regularly share their perspectives with different members of Athlos Academies. One parent from Brooklyn Park’s Athlos Leadership Academy mentioned, “My husband and I see our daughter using the tools learned at Athlos in real life situations. We are lucky to have her in a school where the adults care about her progress into a young adult, physically, socially, and academically. As a parent, you can’t ask for anything better.”

About Athlos Academies
Athlos Academies is a Boise-based charter school operator promoting the education of the whole child using a three-pillared approach of Prepared Mind, Healthy Body and Performance Character. Athlos currently has 20 employees and projects significant growth in the coming years. For more information, please visit