Athlos Educators LEAD

    At Athlos Academies, we believe scholars, families, and educators are all partners in the success of students and school. Athlos educators are held to a high standard and expected to serve as leaders to students, peers, and in their profession. To exemplify the role of the Athlos educator, we have developed the acronym LEAD.

    Lifelong Learners

    Athlos educators are advocates for lifelong learning. They understand that there is no end goal in education attainment, but instead, everyone has the capacity to grow. In response, Athlos educators are always seeking ways to grow as educators and as people. Athlos educators are expected to take part in, and contribute to, personal learning communities (PLCs) and professional development regularly, as well as stand as models to students as advocates for a lifetime of learning.

    Every Student Matters

    Athlos educators believe in the abilities of every child, and that every child has the capacity to succeed academically. Thus, Athlos educators tailor instruction to meet the needs of every student, because every student matters. Students are supported throughout their education experience both in the classroom, schoolwide, and through intentional parent-school partnerships, to assure every student is afforded the opportunity to succeed.

    Actions & Outcomes

    At Athlos schools, actions and outcomes drive instruction and learning. Athlos educators understand that student outcome is directly tied to, and dependent upon, actions taken in the classroom to provide quality instruction as well as effective behavior management. Athlos educators use student outcomes to analyze and structure classroom practices.

    Data Driven

    At Athlos schools, data drives instruction and learning. Athlos educators participate in PLCs and professional development and thrive on information collected and shared during walkthroughs and evaluations. Athlos educators constantly and consistently collect and analyze student data to improve instruction, allowing teachers to be more responsive to students’ needs and students to be in charge of their own learning.

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