Pillars of Performance

Schools have the opportunity to educate students in more areas than academics alone. In addition to preparing children to excel academically, Athlos Academies also prepares students for lifelong success by focusing on health and performance character education. For students to succeed in academics, and in life, they need to be more than just academically adept, and that is why our unique three-pillar approach to education combines Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character. Click the icons below to learn more about each individual pillar.

Prepared Mind

Athlos Academies fosters a culture of learning by creating an environment where students are engaged and excited to learn. Athlos students understand that in learning, there is no one question or one answer, and mistakes are opportunities to grow. At Athlos schools, instruction is driven by student curiosity, and learning is limitless.

Healthy Body

The Athlos Healthy Body pillar isn’t just an add-on to curriculum. Increased physical activity, health, and nutrition education are central to the Healthy Body pillar, and interwoven into the overall school experience. We put an emphasis on preparing our students to make healthy choices for life, because the mind is fueled by the body.

Performance Character

At Athlos schools we integrate the development of Performance Character into every learning opportunity, allowing students to experience this connection first hand. Traits like grit, curiosity, social intelligence, and integrity become a lens through which students view their learning as about more than grades, but as learning for life.

The Athlos Model in Action

Athlos Academies prepares students to perform in all important aspects of their life — to achieve academically, make healthy and informed lifestyle choices, and to exhibit traits like leadership, social intelligence, and integrity.

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