What They Say

We can tell you a lot about our model, but nobody says it better than the parents, students, and educators who interact with Athlos.

The communication level for all three of my children with each of their teachers is great! I really love to hear how my kids are doing, good or bad. It gives us the opportunity to discuss at home and reinforce positivity.

We love Athlos!! Thank you to the wonderful staff for making this first week of school easier on myself and my kids!

We have 3 kids in school at Athlos. They have all said, ‘I don’t like Athlos; I love it!’

Our little student guy is happy and excited to go to school. Each day he is engaging more and more in his homework and talks about what he is learning. I’ve joined the PTA so I can have a way to invest in the success of this school.

My kids have loved school and have looked forward to going every day. That is huge for us! Thank you Athlos team for making this year start off with such great success.

A great atmosphere for my shy sixth-grader. He loves how different the teaching is and all the physical activity. We have been very happy with Mrs. Lucia as his teacher. A few bumps in the road, but that is to be expected in a brand new school. Any concerns I’ve had were addressed in a positive and reasonable time frame. I am looking forward to volunteering on Fridays and participating in PTA sponsored events!

The three pillars mean everything. They mean how well we prepare our kids to have good character traits and good values at school and at home. It’s also how we take care of our kids with athletics, because without a healthy body we can’t perform in life. We want to have healthy kids to prepare for the future so they can have healthy families and we can have a healthy world.

I think the skills that really matter are thinking skills our students learn, the problem solving skills, the social intelligence they build when they work with each other. So our teachers really make sure they give their students the time to talk, explore, and question each other about every concept they are learning.

Our three pillars make sure that children at Athlos are taught good habits at a young age to carry them through life. However, it doesn’t stop there. The staff has the option to work together to get healthy as well. There are so many options for the staff to find a buddy to work with; we are trying to make a better future through the kids and through the staff.

Athlos isn’t just about academics. It teaches us how to become a unique individual and how to become a critical thinker. Athlos’ goal is to teach us to be a good leader and a great citizen.

I always like coming to school. Ever since I started attending Athlos, it makes me look at the positive side of coming to school, and I mean it, I love Athlos.

What I love most about my school is the athletic program and our state-of-the art equipment that allows us to use the best to do our best.

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