Performance Character Pillar

The Performance Character pillar recognizes the deep connection between certain character traits and success. At Athlos schools we integrate the development of Performance Character into every learning opportunity, allowing students to experience this connection first hand. Traits like grit, curiosity, social intelligence, and integrity prepare students to thrive in challenging situations and serve as the foundation for our culture of excellence.

At Athlos, students view their learning as about more than grades, but as learning for life.

In the Classroom & On the Turf

By integrating Performance Character into our already engaging academic curriculum, students find greater meaning in their classroom instruction. Likewise, as students continue to experience trait growth, they are able to apply these skills to new academic challenges. On the turf, Performance Character attributes play an essential role. Coaches and teachers relate traits to student progress and goals. The results are an expectation of, and ability to, create high quality work.

Safe & Engaging Classrooms

Students begin each day with a chance to check in with each other, share important moments in their lives, and intentionally engage in Performance Character building activities. These morning huddles set the stage for a day of engaged learning allowing students to build knowledge and community simultaneously. These safe and engaging environments foster greater levels of student engagement and motivation.

Student Growth & Reflection

Students are well equipped to overcome obstacles, pursue success, and turn moments of failure into learning opportunities from which they grow. Along with an academic report card, students and families receive regular feedback on a student’s growth in each trait. This information serves as an opportunity to discuss a student’s successes and challenges, to hold each other accountable, and to build strong and positive relationships.

My favorite Performance Character trait is…

The Performance Character traits are some of our students’ favorite things about the Athlos model.  Hear which traits resonate most and what they mean to them.

Benefits of Performance Character

Performance Character is the foundation of school culture at Athlos schools.
Our program promotes 12 key character traits.

  • Develops Character

    Integrating trait development into core subject areas fosters character growth, while also increasing academic achievement

  • Builds Culture

    Daily huddles not only promote character development, they also build classroom culture


    Incorporating community members in learning and serving in the community builds performance character beyond the classroom walls


    Self-reflection fosters a growth mindset

  • Integrity
    Striving to do the right thing all the time
  • Initiative
    Taking action to help ourselves and others without being asked
  • Grit
    Rising up to meet challenges and persevering in spite of failure
  • Leadership
    Making responsible decisions and motivating others to action
  • Focus and self-control
    Focusing our minds and bodies by resisting distractions and actively concentrating
  • Creativity
    Thinking "outside the box" and
    solving problems with innovation
  • Energy and Zest
    Engaging in life with enthusiasm and excitement each day
  • Optimism
    Believing that effort today
    improves tomorrow
  • Courage
    Taking risks and
    standing up for what is right
  • Humility
    Allowing accomplishments to speak for themselves
  • Social Intelligence
    Navigating relationships and interactions with respect and confidence
  • Curiosity
    Finding wonder and passion in the experience of learning

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