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Performance Character at Home: Optimism

Reinforcing Performance Character at Home: Optimism

At Athlos schools, we focus on teaching children the importance of 12 traits that we call Performance Character traits. Our Performance Character pillar recognizes the deep connection between these traits and success. The development of Performance Character is integrated into every learning opportunity, allowing students to experience this connection first hand. Traits like humility, integrity, […]

The Bonners with their children with special needs

Meeting Special Needs Through Social Intelligence

At Athlos schools, we strive to be responsive to students with special needs. Each child comes with unique requirements for learning, and we prioritize their needs through social intelligence, a Performance Character trait Athlos defines as navigating relationships and interactions with respect and confidence. Every Special Need Is Considered Jeana Bonner, a board member at […]

7 Tips on Helping Children Manage Test Anxiety

Testing in schools plays an important role in gauging how well students are performing academically. Though it’s common for students to not look forward to testing, some children loath it to the point of developing test anxiety, a form of stress that can hinder their learning. Test anxiety can be mild or severe and can […]