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Attendance Matters: Creating Good Attendance Habits Helps Students Succeed at School

September is attendance awareness month and a great time to set intentions about making sure students are present in class. Did you know that missing just two days of school per month adds up to missing a total of 10 percent of the school year? Students with high attendance rates score higher on tests and […]

My Favorite Thing About Athlos: Reflections from the Athlos Team

From a love of working at Athlos headquarters in Boise, Idaho, to a passion for the Athlos model and the excitement of visiting an Athlos school, there’s so much to like about Athlos. Here are some reflections from the Athlos headquarters staff on their favorite things about Athlos. My favorite thing about working at Athlos […]

Talking Leadership with Chandler Herdt

Leadership As part of the Performance Character pillar, Athlos teaches 12 character traits that positively impact student success. Athlos believes it’s important to help students first recognize and then develop Performance Character strengths—traits like leadership, curiosity, creativity, and initiative. These concepts are part of daily academic instruction, athletic activities, and community events that take place […]