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Students and parents at student-led conferences

Student-Led Conferences: Helping Children Lead

At Athlos Academies, student-led conferences take the place of traditional parent-teacher conferences. These conferences help students take ownership of their learning as they honestly reflect on their progress, discuss their successes and challenges, and set goals for the future.

Social Intelligence at home

Reinforcing Performance Character at Home: Social Intelligence

At Athlos schools, we focus on teaching children the importance of 12 traits that we call Performance Character traits. Our Performance Character pillar recognizes the deep connection between these traits and success. Here, we look at social intelligence.

Distinguished Athlos Educators

Athlos Academies Recognizes 2018 Distinguished Athlos Educators

Athlos Academies has recognized three Distinguished Athlos Educators from partner schools nationwide. The Distinguished Athlos Educators award is given annually to three individuals who exemplify quality performance in the Athlos program.