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The Principles and Life Lessons of STEM Subjects

The Principles and Life Lessons of STEM Subjects

Subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are often presented to students as career and education opportunities. Additionally, Athlos strives to help students learn the valuable principles, life skills, and Performance Character traits these subjects offer.

Athlos Academies: Putting technology in students’ hands

Athlos Academies: Putting Technology in tudents’ hands

Athlos schools prioritize student access to knowledge by incorporating technology as a classroom learning tool.

Physical Fitness and Growth Mindset

The Athlos Athletic Curriculum: Where Growth Mindset and Physical Fitness Connect

The Athlos athletic curriculum is designed to help students experience success in athletic movement, grow confidence to take on new challenges, develop a growth mindset, and learn what it means to have a healthy body.