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Respectful, Kind, Confident: Student Celebrated for Social Intelligence in St. Cloud

Social intelligence, one of the 12 Performance Character…

Helping Others Succeed: Student Recognized for Being a Leader

Jade, a first-grade student at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud, understands…

Grit, Teamwork, and Talent: Athlos Jazz Band’s Recipe for Success

At Athlos Leadership Academy in Austin, TX, the music program…

Character Ambassadors Offer Encouragement, Helping Hand

At Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX, a group of high…

Athlos Schools Celebrate Recognitions, Awards, Accomplishments

It’s been an exciting time for many of our Athlos schools,…

Even When Nobody is Watching: Athlos Kindergarten Student Exemplifies Integrity

Jax, a kindergarten student at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud, understands what it means to have integrity. “It means that nobody is watching you, but you are listening,” he said.

Athlos Academy of Utah Students Exemplify Performance Character 

At Athlos Academy of Utah, one student from each class is recognized weekly for exhibiting one of the Athlos Performance Character traits. Students are chosen by their teachers, who are tasked with telling the story of why their students are such an excellent example of the Performance Character trait of the week.

Athlos Students Recognize School’s Unsung Heroes

At Athlos schools, huddles give students a structured daily opportunity for learning about and reflecting on Performance Character traits through collaborative activities and routines.

Athlos Schools Celebrate Successful Student-Led Conferences

Two Athlos schools recently saw astounding successes during their first ever student-led conferences (SLCs). In October, both Athlos Academy of Utah and Athlos Academy of St. Cloud held their first school-wide SLCs in kindergarten through the sixth grade. At Athlos schools, SLCs take the place of traditional parent-teacher conferences.

Athlos Students Volunteer Time to Fight Hunger

On Wednesday, Nov. 16 students from Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX volunteered to help feed those in need during the holiday season. The school's Character Ambassadors, a group of high school students with a goal of making a difference within the school and community while displaying Athlos Performance Character traits, participated in the annual H-E-B Feast of Sharing.