Helping Others Succeed: Student Recognized for Being a Leader

leader, student, athlos achieverJade, a first-grade student at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud, understands that being a leader means helping others, being kind, and doing your best.

“Jade is an outstanding helper in the classroom,” said Ms. Heck, first-grade teacher at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud. “She is willing to assist me with daily tasks, as well as helping students regardless of academic differences. She is optimistic throughout challenging tasks, and she shows courage when trying something new.”

Each month, one student at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud is recognized for being an exemplary model of a Performance Character trait; Jade’s teacher nominated her for being a leader. In the classroom, Jade is always one of the first students to help her peers when she notices they may not be on task or are having difficulties with the task at hand.

“Jade is willing to challenge herself in math and reading class,” said Ms. Heck. “She is always on task and tries the best she can. She challenges herself on difficult math problems but never gives up. Jade is kind to staff and students alike.”

Jade shines in many areas outside of leadership. She shows courage, social intelligence, focus, and humility. When she accepted her award, which is given as a surprise in the classroom from the school Performance Character coach, Jade received congratulations from students and staff around the school; however, she remained very humble.

“It is important that students have the opportunity to be student of the month because it shows off the character traits that we have been building throughout the school year,” Ms. Heck said. “These students become role models for others at Athlos.”

Congratulations to Jade for working hard to be a great leader, to show courage, optimism, and humility, and for being an excellent example of Performance Character.

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