Healthy Body Pillar

    In Athlos schools, the Healthy Body pillar isn’t just an add-on to curriculum. Increased physical activity, health and nutrition education, and healthy lifestyle habits are central to the Healthy Body pillar and interwoven into the overall school experience. We put an emphasis on preparing our students to make healthy choices for life, because the mind is fueled by the body. Science proves that physical activity fuels the capability to learn, and being active better enables students to obtain and retain materials learned in the classroom. The Athlos athletic curriculum was created with long-term athletic development in mind and was carefully crafted based on proven science and research.

    At Athlos, you don’t need to be an athlete. Athleticism is a skill that can be taught.

    Redefining Physical Education

    At Athlos, we understand that athleticism is a skill that can be developed. You don’t need to be an athlete to be athletic. Instead, Athlos defines athletic as an active, fit, and efficient mover. Athletic performance coaches help develop physically literate students who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to become capable and confident movers.

    Health & Nutrition Education

    Being healthy is more than learning to move. Athlos students are equipped with health and nutrition education. From understanding the science of nutrition to the anatomy of movement, concepts in core subjects tie back to the idea of a healthy body.

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