Prepared Mind Pillar

    Athlos Academies fosters a culture of learning by creating an environment where students are engaged, curious, and excited to learn. Athlos students understand that in learning, there is no one question or one answer, and mistakes are opportunities to grow and deepen understanding. Athlos educators engage students, inspiring them to think outside of the box, to become creative problem-solvers, innovators, and deep thinkers. At Athlos schools, instruction is driven by student curiosity, and learning is limitless.

    At Athlos, students are active thinkers who take ownership of their learning.

    Confident Problem Solvers

    Deep thinking is an intellectual process that takes focus and self-control. Athlos students are supported through their process of inquiry, engaging in conversations in the classroom where they are expected to challenge the status quo and think beyond simply answering a question correctly. By asking questions and thinking outside of the box, Athlos students become innovative and confident problem solvers.

    Opportunities to Grow

    At Athlos schools, students aren’t strictly taught to the text and constricted to scheduled teacher-led instruction. Instead, student curiosity leads classroom instruction, allowing students to interact with one another, think through problems, and come to many solutions in their own time. Mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth, and students understand that there is not one answer to every question.

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