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Job Type:

  • Full Time
  • Executive Level
  • Herriman, UT

Duties and Responsibilities

Staff Management
•    Mentors, recruits and/or retains high-quality teachers and staff, terminates when necessary
•    Oversees professional development of all teachers and staff
•    Observes all classes regularly; oversees and assesses the performance of all school employees
•    Holds employee evaluation conferences based on records of performance observations
•    Ensures collaboration and team building among staff
•    Manages conflicts and relations between school employees skillfully
•    Oversees employee screening measures to ensure that each employee has undergone an appropriate
background check

•    Ensures students are meeting all growth benchmarks
•    Evaluates instructional program effectiveness; develops and enforces policies and procedures
•    Ensures implementation of instructional strategies, classroom management, and communication
•    Ensures effective, research-based professional development is provided and implemented
•    Monitors special projects accountability timelines and coordinates timely completion
•    Collaborates with staff for united school improvement plan
•    Monitors, directs, and implements the administration of assessments
•    Monitors and analyzes student performance assessment data preparing reports as needed for various special projects (i.e., after school program, summer school)
•    Oversees special service programs (like SPED and ELL) implementation and compliance
•    Analyzes student achievement data, draws logical conclusions and prepares comprehensive reports
•    Holds and attends parent/teacher/student conferences, open houses, and other parent and community events

•    Abides by all state and federal laws that apply to charter schools and charter policy
•    Ensures there is proper documentation on operations of charter programs to develop accurate budget
•    Maintains fiscal control; report accurate fiscal information

•    Ensures smooth operation of school facilities, school finance and risk management, including appropriate
procurement of insurance policies
•    Ensures school-wide compliance with all policies and procedures
•    Attends all required governing board and state meetings; attend other meetings and training that provide legal guidance
•    Participates in the school’s annual fiscal audit and oversees the preparation of the school’s annual budget, annual financial and annual program reports
•    Ensures school safety by performing fire drills and other drills
•    Preparation of financial and statistical documents and reports
•    Ensures school facilities are managed effectively; oversees facilities to ensure maintenance provides a clean and safe school
•    Requires students to demonstrate positive behaviors aligned with the school’s vision and mission

Public Relations
•    Connect with the community and elevate the status of the school within the community
•    Establishes rapport with parents, students, school staff, and Athlos Academy board of directors
•    Coordinates with the school’s parent organization to increase parental involvement within the school
•    Builds positive relations with state education departments, other charter schools, and school districts
•    Works pro-actively to maintain community partnerships and positive public relations that showcases the
school’s success

•    Implements school strategic plan
•    Upholds and enforces board policy, administrative procedures, and school rules and regulations, and is supportive of these in communications with students, parents, and the public at large
•    Works cooperatively with parents and teaching mentors to strengthen the educational program
•    Oversees overall school operations
•    Promotes and maintains a positive and effective school climate by ensuring that all interactions with staff,
students, parents, and the public at large are prompt, efficient, helpful and friendly
•    Maintains regular communication with Athlos Academies (education service provider)


•    At least 3–5 years of successful school leadership experience
•    State of Utah Administrative/Supervisory License or administrative license from another state that is transferrable to Utah required
•    3-5 years classroom experience preferred
•    Prior charter school experience preferred

Educational Background

•    Master’s in Education Administration or related field required

How to Apply

Visit this page for application Executive Director – Athlos Academy of Utah – Athlos Academy – Career Page (

Equal Opportunity Employer

Athlos Academies is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability, handicap or veteran status.

Athlos Academies Headquarters:         918 W. Idaho St., Boise, ID, 83702

Office: (208) 519-4000                                HR Fax: (208) 917-4626

HR Email:   Web:

School Finance Director

Company: Athlos Academies                       Location: Remote        Reports to: Superintendent

Classification: Full-time, salary, exempt          Benefits: Yes                    Compensation: DOE


Athlos Academies is a charter school network started to provide sustainable solutions to many of the struggles schools face today. The organization offers a range of services to schools, including operational support, research-based curriculum, staff and student recruitment, and teacher training. In addition to preparing children to excel academically, Athlos Academies also prepares students for lifelong success by focusing on health and character education. The Athlos innovative three-pillar approach to education combines Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character.

Duties & Responsibilities                         

  • Fosters lasting relationships with representatives of state governments, independent charter school authorizers, back office firms, and legal / accounting firms
  • Performs exhaustive independent research of state-specific charter school finance guidelines and requirements
  • Coordinates with internal academic program team in preparation of school budget and business plan as part of charter application team
  • Coordinates with school governance team to advise local Athlos school boards on the financial status of the local school
  • Assists schools in all finance, HR, and business management functions including vendor relationships, contract management, payment processing, financial statement preparation and review, and personnel-related items
  • Ensures that schools are compliant with all state and federal requirements including financial statement audits and enrollment reporting
  • Coordinates with schools, investment bankers, and bond issuers in assisting schools with facility purchase

Qualifications & Experience

  • The individual will be expected to work with minimal up-front guidance and take ownership of his / her work product
  • Excellent verbal, written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Thorough understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), as well as Governmental Accounting Standards (GAS) and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) pronouncements
  • Understanding of Federal and State grant compliance and rules, including an in-depth understanding of the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Circulars and how they affect allowable costs and school operations
  • Knowledge and experience with governmental and non-profit budgeting practices, including budget preparation, analysis and adjustment of said budget, as well as submission of budget to state entities in compliance with state standards
  • Experience with state procurement processes, including implementation of new process and ensuring school adherence with state and federal procurement policies and practices
  • Understanding of the annual audit and financial statement process, including experience with specific state regulations. Expertise should include experience with financial statement preparation, supporting schedule development, reconciliations for all accounts, as well as preparation of the notes and supporting schedules. Knowledge of governmental auditing standards and how they affect schools
  • Understanding of Human Resources rules and regulations, including experience with wage and hour law, payroll process, hiring processes and procedures, and Human Resources best practices. This position serves as the Human Resources contact for the school concerning compliance with and design of policies and procedures associated with HR practices
  • Experience working with educational entities on contract compliance, including assistance with drafting, reviewing, and modifying contracts. Knowledge of and experience ensuring adherence to current contract standards
  • Experience working with Special Education rules and providing fiscal expertise to Special Education Staff. Expertise can include compliance with funding rules as well as ensuring educational entities receive and maximize Special Education funding
  • Experience with Information Technology and Facility services and how they affect school operations
  • Experience providing presentations to school boards and other stakeholders. Presentations can include presentation of financial information and metrics as well as non-financial details that affect the operations of the educational entity. Ability to take complex financial calculations or situations and explain them in a more simplified manner
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Intermediate to advanced experience with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Outlook
  • Must be able to effectively handle multiple projects simultaneously in a deadline driven environment
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team and take on new tasks with a high level of difficulty
  • School leadership experience preferred

Education & Background

  • Minimum 5 years of experience with a minimum of one year leading teams or directing others
  • CPA required and a Master’s degree preferred
  • Public or charter school audit and/or tax experience a plus

How to Apply

Visit for application; submit resume and application to

Equal Opportunity Employer

Athlos Academies is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability, handicap or veteran status.

Athlos Academies Headquarters:         918 W. Idaho St., Boise, ID, 83702

Office: (208) 519-4000                                HR Fax: (208) 917-4626

HR Email:   Web:

Job Duties:

  • Prepares payroll checks on the schedule indicated for each school
  • Keeps track of time and attendance reports, all time worked, and PTO taken to accurately process payroll
  • Manages and pays payroll taxes and benefits liability payments
  • Completes all monthly and quarterly reports, including but not limited to PERSI and 401k payroll reports
  • Posts and reconciles payroll records to the general ledger
  • Processes year end reports including, but not limited to, W2s
  • Reviews, prioritizes, and pays all invoices in a timely and accurate manner
  • Processes payments to vendors and maintains thorough and accurate documentation of all items billed and paid
  • Assists with additional duties and responsibilities as required

Characteristics of the Successful Candidate:

  • Lifelong learner
  • Driven by actions and outcomes
  • Makes decisions based on data
  • Growth mindset
  • Reflective practitioner
  • Innovative
  • Creative problem solver
  • Willing to take risks
  • Effective at time management
  • Excellent organization, inter-personal, and communication skills
  • Able to build and support a culture of trust and collaboration
  • Willingness to plan and work collaboratively with a team
  • Seeks out professional learning
  • Knowledge of best practices and a willingness to continue to learn and try new strategies
  • Exhibits attention to detail
  • Meets deadlines in a consistent and timely manner
  • Complies with all applicable start and federal regulations


Position: School Finance Manager                                                      Full Time:    X   Part Time:  ______

Reports to: School Finance Director                                      Salary/Hourly: Salary

Compensation: DOE                                                                  Benefits:  Yes


Position Overview: The School Finance Manager will oversee the financial aspects of Athlos Academies as well as act in the leadership coordination capacity of a project manager.  The School Finance Manager will participate in data gathering and analysis, cash flow monitoring and reporting, tax compliance, and collaboration with accounting and sales department staff members to successfully meet internal and external project deadlines.  This position reports to the School Finance Director.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversees revenue and expenses, cash flow, long-term investments, and reporting
  • Demonstrates financial due diligence and applies accounting procedures
  • Gathers and analyzes data from multiple sources
  • Demonstrates ability to prepare cost-benefit analyses for projects
  • Identifies areas and ways in which cash flow and revenue can be improved
  • Balances long and short-term financial goals to ensure optimal budgeting and financial management
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or related required, higher education preferred
  • 3-5 years of project management experience
  • Experience in an education setting strongly preferred


  • Demonstrates willingness and ability to work with other departments
  • Possesses and employs strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Seeks to enhance overall efficiency and company performance
  • Effectively motivates fellow staff members in completing projects in line with internal and external deadlines
  • Demonstrates strong prioritization skills
  • Takes a proactive approach to projects and motivates peers to do the same
  • Other duties as required

How to Apply

Submit application with resume to:


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What is it like to work here?

Athlos Academies is a work-hard, play-hard kind of organization.

Team Culture

We take our work as a social venture seriously. Supporting the students, teachers, and leaders we serve is a serious matter, but we also build relationships together in more informal settings.


As part of the team, you’ll enjoy:

  • A competitive salary
  • Health benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k retirement plan with generous employer match
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Paid time off and holiday pay
  • Ergonomic workspaces in a spacious, collaborative environment
  • Access to the basketball court, turf, weight room, and locker rooms
  • Team building activity as part of a book club discussion

    Employee participates in team huddle
  • Athlos Family Fun Day

    family stacks foam blocks for Athlos Family Fun Day
  • Playing basketball for an afternoon movement break

    Afternoon movement break on the basketball court
  • Monthly athletic movement class

    Athlos team practices drills from the Athlos Athletic Curriculum
  • March Madness potluck

    Employees watch basketball game during a March Madness potluck
  • Pillars of Performance: Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character

  • The Athlos giving tree

    Angel Giving Tree
  • Athlos Academies headquarters grand opening at W. Idaho Street.

  • Ergonomic workspaces

    Ergonomic workspace
  • Discussion during a team huddle

    Employees brainstorm during a book club huddle
  • Athlos’ 12 Performance Character traits

  • Afternoon movement break—hiking in the Boise foothills

    Employees look out over downtown Boise from Camel's Back Park
  • Gunny sack race on the turf

    Employees participate in a potato sack race on the indoor turf
  • A social venture dedicated to helping schools succeed

Embodying the Athlos Academies Model

Just like our three-pillar model benefits the lives of Athlos students, it has its benefits in the workplace, too.

Athlos book club discussion

Books read and discussed
(and counting)

Prepared Mind

As a team, we’re constantly learning. Our monthly book club broadens our perspectives, challenges us to think creatively about applying key takeaways to our organization, and gives us a common language to use in the workplace.  We pride ourselves on truly being a learning organization.

movement break

Movement breaks
(and multiplying everyday)

Healthy Body

Athlos believes that students who lead active and healthy lives are better equipped to learn in the classroom. The same is true in the workplace — one of the best ways to stay sharp in the office is by taking a few quick, intentional movement breaks during the day.

Athlos Shout-Out

Athlos shout-outs given
(and growing)

Performance Character

At Athlos, we use shout-outs as a way of celebrating our colleagues’ accomplishments and recognizing their demonstration of the Performance Character traits.  In turn, this helps build strong and supportive workplace relationships.

Hear it from #TeamAthlos

Here’s what our team members enjoy about working at Athlos Academies…

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