Even When Nobody is Watching: Athlos Kindergarten Student Exemplifies Integrity

Student of the Month - JaxJax, a kindergarten student at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud, understands what it means to have integrity.

“It means that nobody is watching you, but you are listening,” he said.

Recently awarded student of the month, Jax doesn’t just understand what it means to have integrity, he also exemplifies it.

Each month, one student at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud is recognized for being an exemplary model of a Performance Character trait; Jax’s teacher nominated him for his integrity.

“Jax exhibits integrity by doing the right thing, even if no one is watching,” said Ms. Grandgenett, first-grade teacher at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud. “I feel that I can fully trust him to make good decisions without having to remind him of my expectations.”

The Performance Character pillar is a focus in Athlos schools and teaches students 12 traits that help them to be responsible for their actions, to stand up for what is right, and to begin each day with enthusiasm.

“At the beginning of the year, my students listened to stories, played games, and watched videos to familiarize themselves with the character traits,” Ms. Grandgenett said. “Now the students can identify the Performance Character traits after only a few clues. It is amazing how they can distinguish between the traits and identify them in real life.”

Teachers and staff encourage students to think of Performance Character throughout the school day through celebrations, rewards, and recognitions.

The student of the month award is a step above regular awards and recognitions and is a fitting reward for the hard work Jax has put forth constantly throughout the year.

“Jax stands out in the classroom because he always strives to do his best whether it is in the classroom, in the gym, or on the playground,” Ms. Grandgenett said. “He truly cares about doing the right thing and making good choices.”

Outside of learning about Performance Character, Jax’s favorite things about school are math, stations, and maze worksheets. He looks forward to the first grade and plans to work hard to win another student of the month award next school year.

When asked why he was chosen as student of the month and how it made him feel to be recognized, Jax excitedly answered, “All the teachers voted for me, because I was listening all of the time. I was excited and happy!”

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