March 1, 2023

Boise, Idaho –

Today Athlos Academies announced a new CFO. Chris Brooks has over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting.  He started his accounting and finance career in the public sector, working for several CPA firms preparing financials and taxes for closely held businesses.  After a national Education Service Provider recruited him, he started in the education sector, beginning as a staff accountant and progressing to Director of Finance. Chris left the education industry for a year and then returned as a CFO of a school district in Arizona. Chris has become a big proponent of school choice and has developed a passion for helping provide choices for parents and students.  As a financial leader, he has participated in several K-12 public school transformations and growth initiatives.  Chris is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Arizona.  He earned his post-bac certificate in Accounting from Arizona State University and his Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness from Arizona State University.

About Athlos Academies

Athlos Academies is a social venture started in 2006 to provide sustainable solutions to many of the struggles charter schools face today.  The organization offers a range of services to charter schools, including charter application development, facility construction, leasing, bond marketing assistance, operational support, research-based curriculum, staff and student recruitment, and teacher training.  It currently partners with schools in Louisiana and Utah, with more schools looking to join the partnership in the next few years.

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