May 5, 2023

Boise, Idaho –

Today Athlos Academies announced a new Chief Operations Officer. Teresa Tate has worked with K-12 charter schools for the past 16 years.  Her work has focused on school personnel and school/systems operations.  Teresa received her Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University. She started her career working for the city planning and zoning office and a marketing and printing company before entering the education field.  She has worked in human resources for twelve years and has overseen school operations for eight years.

In her most recent two roles, she was the Chief Operations Officer for a charter network based in Arizona. She supported the growth of eleven additional campuses during her tenure, creating systems to support their development to serve over 12,000 students and 1,000 staff.  Her primary duties focused on growth strategies and efficient building design while overseeing eight departments. These included HR, Marketing, Compliance, Finance, IT, Food Services, Facilities & New Construction.

From 2018-2023, Teresa worked as the Vice President of School Services at the Colorado League of Charter Schools, a non-profit support organization serving the 269 charter schools in the state of Colorado.  In this role, she oversaw Academic Services, Business Services, Exceptional Student Services, HR & Talent Services, and New School Development.  She also managed Board Governance Services directly.  She focused on providing resources, training, crisis support, and networking opportunities to the charters across the state – serving various school models and sizes.

About Athlos Academies

Athlos Academies is a social venture started in 2006 to provide sustainable solutions to many of the struggles charter schools face today.  The organization offers a range of services to charter schools, including charter application development, facility construction, leasing, bond marketing assistance, operational support, research-based curriculum, staff and student recruitment, and teacher training.  It currently partners with schools in Louisiana and Utah, with more schools looking to join the partnership in the next few years.

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