• Ryan Van Alfen
  • Jason Kotter
  • Sarah Ross
    Chief Academic Officer
  • Peter Verdin
    Associate Director of
    Healthy Body
  • Andrea
    President of Education Services
  • Tabitha Bower
    Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator
  • Alexis Basquill
    Executive Assistant
  • Hugo Fregoso
    Director of Development Operations
  • Tana Rhodes
    General Accountant
  • Russ Criddle
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Camille Wells
    Chief Community Relations Officer
  • Jim Madarieta
    Director of Finance
  • Juliana Giovannini
    SIS Administrator
  • Brian Mills
    General Counsel
  • Matt Kotter
    Chief Development Officer
  • Shawn Vang
    School Finance Specialist
  • Brittany Iverson
    Human Resources Manager
  • Rochelle Adams
    Lead Graphic Designer
  • Chris Bryner
    Director of
    Performance Character
  • Esrom Pitre
    Executive Director,
    Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish
  • Abby Fereday
    Special Projects Manager
  • Jeff Gunther
    Director of Governance and Analytics
  • Randy Vetsch
    Executive Director,
    Athlos Academy of St. Cloud
  • Alyson McElwain
    Graphic Design Specialist
  • Giselle Isbell
    Director of Prepared Mind