• Summer Institute 2016

Athlos Summer Institute

June 26-30, 2017

Taking place in Boise, Idaho, Athlos Summer Institute is an immersion into the Athlos model designed for Athlos teachers, leaders, and partners. Participants will gain powerful insights connected to the implementation of the innovative Athlos approach. In addition to networking with experts in the field, participants will benefit from strategies to support and impact quality teaching and governing. All participants will walk away with new professional learning and tools to build stronger, more dynamic school communities.

Athlos Summer Institute is a free event. Register below today so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

  • Dates

    Part I:
    Leadership Team Workshops (Athlos Academy of St. Cloud and Athlos Academy of Utah leadership teams only)

    Dates: Monday, June 26 – Tuesday, June 27

    Who: Athlos Academy of St. Cloud and Athlos Academy of Utah leadership teams

    Part II:
    Breakouts, Keynote, and Q&A with the Founders of Athlos Academies

    Dates: Tuesday, June 27, 5 p.m. (welcome reception and award ceremony) – Thursday, June 29 + optional Friday activity at ZipIdaho

    Who: All Athlos teachers, leaders, board members, and partners

  • Lodging

    Participants are responsible for reserving their own accommodations during their visit. We have reserved a block of rooms at the newly built Hyatt, less than one block from the event.

  • Session Highlights

    • Classroom management strategies
    • Mindful leadership
    • Introduction to a new level of Athlos athletic curriculum
    • Math practices
    • Student-centered coaching
    • Restorative practices
  • Distinguished Athlos Educator Award

    Nominations are now open for this year’s distinguished Athlos educators. Award winners demonstrate excellence in their classroom, on the turf, or within their community.

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  • We’re going to wrap up Athlos Summer Institute 2017 on the side of an Idaho mountain, on a world-class zip line adventure!

Great conference. I have loved the model since I learned about it three years ago.  It was great to get a glimpse into the bigger picture and see how everything is connected. Great job on giving introductions to what Athlos is all about and getting me/us excited to implement this model in our own schools. Changing education one school at a time.

Mandy Kirkham King
Mandy Kirkham KingLead Athletic Performance Coach, Athlos Academy of Utah

I really enjoyed my time at the institute. I enjoyed hearing from other schools about their experiences with the Athlos model. I liked experiencing the athletic curriculum. I learned a lot from listening to various sessions such as the Growth Mindset class with Sarah Ross. Additionally, listening to Giselle Isbell talk about the Prepared Mind pillar was also interesting. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious.

Anonymous2016 Summer Institute Attendee

Best conference I have ever been too! So appreciative and empowered to bring the Athlos model to St. Cloud, MN!

Carrie Cremers
Carrie CremersSocial Worker, Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

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