Athlos Academy finding new ways to build Social Intelligence

Athlos Academy Finding New Ways to Build Social Intelligence


ST. CLOUD – For National Bullying Prevention Month Athlos Academy is helping educate its students on how to take a stand against bullying.

On Wednesday the school hosted local rapper Tyler Lydeen to share his music about bullying as part of their kick-off for social intelligence and what it means to be a upstander. At Athlos Academy a upstander is someone who sees or hears about someone being bullied and speaks up about it.

Carrie Cremers, a social worker at the school, says they wanted to help students know what to do when they are being bullied or see someone who is being bullied.

“You may get bullied sometime in your life. How it affects you and what you do with it was the main focus {of the event}.”

One of the ways the school is helping shed light on the issue of bullying is by teaching students about social intelligence.

“What social intelligence means is navigating relationships with respect and kindness towards others.”

Athlos Academy is a tuition-free public charter school that is authorized by Volunteers of America.