918 Idaho Street in Boise, ID

Athlos Academies to move into long-vacant downtown Boise building


Source: kivitv.com (Link Expired)


BOISE – Athlos Academies, an Idaho-based education service provider, has announced it has purchased the long-vacant C.C. Anderson Building in downtown Boise.

The former Macy’s department store, located on 10th and Idaho streets, will be renovated and used to house the organization’s operations and host teacher training for school leaders and educators from across the country.

“This building has been vacant for years now, and we are thrilled that Athlos Academies has a plan that both enhance the property but will also be a catalyst for new jobs and visitor counts to Boise’s downtown,” says Dave Wali, former owner the building and current Executive Vice President of the Gardner Company.
“Athlos Academies has a great model that supports and enhances education, so much so that we were willing to structure a great price and the necessary timing to bring this project to the community.”

Athlos Academies originally intended to rent the space; however, favorable pricing, low interest rates, and space needs prompted the organization to purchase the space instead.

The purchase was made possible through a substantial reduction in the asking price to under $13 per square foot. In addition to this, a contribution from Capital City Development Corporation was made for improvements and help was also provided from the City of Boise.

Demolition of the interior of the building is now complete, and Athlos Academies plans to move into the building when renovations are completed in summer 2016.

Approximately 25,000 square feet of the 90,000 square-foot office space will be leased out to other businesses.

The building will be designed similar to the facilities Athlos Academies provides for charter schools. In addition to state-of-the-art classrooms to conduct teacher trainings in, the new headquarters will also feature a model hardwood basketball court, fully-equipped athletic training center, and indoor turf to educate teachers.

“Supporting schools has always been first and foremost a priority for us. We’re now outgrowing our current space, and because the building was so affordable, we’ll be able to impact more teachers with the training facility,” states Jason Kotter, co-founder of Athlos Academies. “We’re excited to contribute to the downtown Boise sector, and really make this building a community staple for everyone to enjoy.”