Let Athlos Analytics do the work of aggregating all your data into a simple dashboard so that you can begin making data-driven instructional improvements.

    • Make Meaningful Use of Data

      Educational institutions are notoriously data rich and information poor. While a great deal of data is collected daily, schools typically lack the time or resources to make meaningful use of that data.

    • Easy to Use

      Access all of your school’s key performance indicators in a single data dashboard with a user-friendly navigation system.

    • Data Analysis and Coaching

      Quarterly webinars to assist administrators in identifying key data trends and increasing the quality of data-driven decision-making in their building or network

    Powerful analytics made simple

    How It Works

    Data can be imported from a wide variety of sources

    Data is correlated into a dashboard that tracks progress towards a school’s goals and provides a starting point for developing improvement plans based on instructional inquiry.

    Administrators make data-informed decisions in conjunction with teachers, and teachers use the instructional plans to drive learning in the classroom.

    If school leaders want to lead the charge in improving student performance, they must be fluent in the use of data as a leadership tool.

    Chris Balow, Ph.D.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Athlos Analytics can display data from a wide variety of sources, including the school’s student information system, assessment systems, financial software, and more. The data visualizations made available in Athlos Analytics will depend on the data your school collects and is able to export. As a part of the on-boarding process, Athlos Academies works with your school to identify data sources needed to develop your dashboards.

    Data is updated as frequently as the data changes. Certain data that changes daily, such as attendance and enrollment information, is updated nightly. Other data, such as state testing data, is updated annually in line with state assessment releases. Athlos Academies works with your school to automate regular data downloads to Athlos Analytics wherever possible and will generate a calendar of data uploads needed by school staff to keep data up-to-date.

    There are two main user views: leadership and instructional. The leadership dashboard is designed for governing boards and administrators with a focus on school-wide goals and progress. The instructional dashboard is designed for school instructional leaders with more granular data related to core subject areas.

    Schools may choose to customize their dashboard with a variety of pre-programmed comparative visualizations.

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