Athlos School Takes a Stand Against Bullying

Athlos School Takes a Stand Against Bullying

For October bullying prevention month this year, Athlos Academy of Utah is making a new effort to prevent bullying around their school.

“This all started with a survey that we took from the community,” said assistant director, Jarom Airhart. “We sent out two questions to our community: What are three things you love about Athlos, and what are three things you’d like to see grow?”

5050BMX at performing at bullying prevention assemblyOne of the top answers parents provided was that they wanted to see more efforts on bullying prevention at the school. Acting upon this feedback, the school set a goal to have a guest speaker every month – someone to come talk with the students about important topics that impact school culture.

“Through a grant, we were able to book the Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition to come out and give our students a wonderful message on the importance of kindness,” said Airhart. “As part of their show they brought and Steward Edge, a magician who has performed on the Jimmy Fallon show. Both performers shared stories of kindness and how they were affected as students by kind teachers, coaches, and friends.”

At Athlos schools, staff and students strive to incorporate Performance Character traits such as social intelligence and integrity into the daily curriculum. Events such as this help start a conversation and set a stage to prevent bullying in schools.

Athlos Academy of Utah is a tuition-free, public K-8 charter school located in Herriman, Utah.

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