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Workplace Success and Performance Character

Reflect for a moment on your last job interview. Was most of that time spent on determining if you had the skills to accomplish the job? Or, was most of the time spent with the interviewer trying to determine if you had the integrity, social intelligence, grit, or creativity to succeed in the job?

Opening Doors to Success Through Physical Activity

When you think of PE, what goes through your mind? Maybe a “tenured” football coach rolling a few basketballs out onto a court and saying “have at it”? A bevy of kids sitting in small clusters in the bleachers, faces illuminated by their iPhone’s?

Teacher testimonial

Innovative Assessment

Take a moment to reflect back to your K-12 school years…. Maybe you are cringing as you see the big red C- sitting at the top of your exam… or maybe you can hear your teacher’s voice: “NO TALKING. This is a test”… or maybe you’re starting to sweat as you remember the long, multiple choice quizzes over EVERY CHAPTER OF THE BOOK.