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The Athlos Edge educational series recently rolled out to a variety of excited participants. Formerly called the Athlos Leadership Induction Academy (ALIA), the Athlos Edge series serves as a way to share the model.

Athlos Edge consists of Athlos 101, 102, and 201. The first two parts of the series are one-hour live webinars that serve as an introduction to the Athlos model. Participants learn about the history and direction of Athlos and then go into more depth on each of the pillars. Athlos 201 is by invitation and is a one-day event where participants experience, in-person, multiple elements of the model.

From our home court team, David DenHartog, Giselle Isbell, Chris Bryner, Chandler Herdt, and Sarah Ross were all involved in developing and presenting the content. Here is a sample of the feedback:

“I feel like, ‘finally, someone got it right.’”
-Lori, Texas

“I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the organizational structure and how the pillars work (interdependently). I love seeing the pictures from the various schools!”
-Katie, Idaho

“I loved learning about how the classroom environment is so student centered, and that there is such a strong emphasis on health and wellness.”
-Fawn, Louisiana

The Athlos Edge one-day 201 experience is scheduled for mid-February in Jefferson Parish, LA. This will be a great opportunity to get a group of educators and interested individuals even more excited about what the future brings to that area.

There will be a second round of the Athlos Edge series taking place this spring, with a 101 and 102 scheduled for March and April. Please let David DenHartog know of anyone who could benefit from the experience. Athlos Edge is open to any potential partner, educator, or board member. Get involved and get even more excited about the work that Athlos Academies is doing!

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