Students Jog for a Cause

Students at Athlos Academy of Utah laced up their sneakers, put on their athletic gear, and got active for a cause. In November, the Healthy Body coaches in Herriman, UT organized a jog-a-thon with the help of students, parents, and staff. With students’ health and safety in mind, the jog-a-thon’s purpose was to raise money for needed medical and safety supplies and equipment for the school.

Students from all grade levels took part in the jog-a-thon, taking a total of 8,752 laps in the school gymnasium, which totaled an impressive 1,250 miles! The fundraising effort had a phenomenal outcome, with a total of $11,648.43 being raised. This money was then used to purchase an AED defibrillator, emergency medical supplies, and additional athletic movement equipment.

“This will help ensure safety of students, staff, faculty and visitors,” said Mandy Kirkham King, lead athletic performance coach at Athlos Academy of Utah. “It will also help so all students have a piece of equipment and do not have to wait for their turn which, in turn, will help improve their skill level.”

Ali Holder, a parent to an Athlos Academy of Utah student, was later recognized for her participation in the jog-a-thon efforts. Holder was presented with a “Parent of the Week” certificate for exemplifying leadership as she helped organize the event, collect donations, and coordinate student participation.

Here are the lap breakdowns by grade level:

Morning kindergarten: 425

Afternoon kindergarten PM: 359

1st grade: 1,006

2nd grade: 1,141

3rd grade: 1,548

4th grade: 1,623

5th grade: 1,579

6th grade: 1,071

Congratulations to our students, staff, and families at Athlos Academy of Utah for organizing such a successful event to benefit the school and students!

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