Improving Employee Wellness Through the Athlos Model

At Athlos Academies, the Healthy Body and Performance Character components of the Athlos model play an important role in employee wellness and are just as valued by our staff as they are by the students in our schools.

Just as Athlos students focus on health and Performance Character education alongside their academic studies, staff at Athlos Academies are also encouraged to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into their daily routines.

Athlos staff demonstrating employee wellness through a game of soccer.Employee Wellness Increases Productivity

Over the last decade, more businesses have been offering wellness programs to their employees. Studies show that 9 out of 10 employers offer some form of wellness initiative, making wellness programs offered by businesses less of a perk and more of a routine offer.

Research has shown that the mind and body are interdependent on one another and that a healthy body leads to improved productivity. Just as Athlos students benefit from movement breaks throughout the day, the employees at our headquarters are also encouraged to do the same. Movement breaks for our employees consist of a wide variety of activities, such as learning ballet, playing basketball, stretching, and going for a walk around downtown Boise, one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S.

Like movement breaks in Athlos classrooms, those at Athlos Academies headquarters are intentionally scheduled throughout the day. Twice a day, at 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., staff are given the opportunity to participate in movement breaks. Additionally, an all staff movement class takes place monthly, where staff get a taste of the Athlos athletic curriculum taught in our schools.

Athlos staff demonstrating employee wellness through a game of nine-square.

Employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from wellness. Research has found that wellness initiatives can directly lower health costs for employers and increase office morale that often effects productivity.

Like our students, employees who receive little to no physical or enrichment activity can begin to suffer overall in their health, often leading to headaches, stress, muscle tension, and other chronic pains that can hinder productivity and success. Athlos prioritizes employee wellness because the mind is fueled by the body, when the body is healthy, the mind is healthy too.

For Us, Wellness Is a Lifestyle

At Athlos Academies, we take wellness a step further than activities on our indoor turf and hiking in the nearby Boise foothills. Athlos employees strive to incorporate our 12 Performance Character traits into our daily work, such as leadership, creativity, and social intelligence.

“Since joining Athlos Academies, I have enjoyed the passion of each employee as we all work hard to make a difference in education. It is also exciting to be active during the work day, which helps fuel the body and mind much like it does for the students at our schools.” – Josh Koenig, employee at Athlos headquarters.

Believing that individuals are lifelong learners, Athlos staff also participate in book clubs and huddles. Book club picks are commonly centered around our Performance Character traits. Like our students, Athlos employees are encouraged to foster a friendly environment where traits such as optimism, initiative, and others add to a healthy and positive culture.

The Athlos Culture

Daily movement breaks, sit-down/stand-up desks, office parties, an indoor turf, basketball court, and workout gym are all benefits, not culture. Office culture is something that is grown organically, you can call it the “roots of an organization.” Because, when you take away the shiny benefits, what’s left should be the most important part of a business: the people.

Employees demonstrating employee wellness at a book club meeting

“I feel very fortunate to work alongside some of the most talented and caring individuals who are always sharing their expertise with the team. My most favorite thing about working for Athlos is the culture. Everyone here at Athlos is cared for from the top down, families are a top priority, even in a fast-paced environment!” – Tana Rhodes, employee at Athlos Headquarters.

Employee wellness should be more than just fitness programs and stand-up desks (though we do have those), it should include mental health, a positive work environment, and feelings of self-fulfillment. Just as the Athlos model, school facilities, and classrooms were designed with our students in mind, the Athlos headquarters was designed for our staff to also exhibit Performance Character traits, strengthen their minds, and be fit and efficient movers.

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