Athlos HQ renovation

Athlos Academies Headquarters Construction Update

Athlos Academies broke ground in early November 2015, beginning the renovation that will convert the old C.C. Anderson building, formerly the Macy’s building in downtown Boise, into the charter school service provider’s new headquarters.

This headquarters will not only serve as an office space for employees, but will also serve as a state-of-the-art training facility for Athlos teachers nationwide.

Construction and renovation progress continues, and notable changes are taking place both inside the building and to the exterior façade.

Steel beams were brought into the building in July to create a new structural support system for the building. This was quite a feat, as each of the four beams weighed 9,200 lbs. or more and had to be lifted into the building.

Later this summer, the exterior façade of the building received a facelift. Instead of replacing the exterior bricks, the existing bricks were primed, and each brick was painted by hand to create the updated look. Talk about the grit it took to get that job done!

Most recently, a basketball hoop has been installed in the area that will be the gym, walls are going up, the staircase frame is up, and metal awnings are being installed to the building rooftop.

Here’s a look at the progress.











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