Run the Athlos Network

This school year the Athlos community is invited to participate in “Run the Athlos Network!” This is a virtual “run” to support the Healthy Body element of our program.

The route follows schools in our network as well as Athlos Academies Homecourt.

The route is as follows:

Begin: Athlos Leadership Academy, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Joined the Athlos Network: 2012

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud, Minnesota

Joined the Athlos Network: 2016

Homecourt in Boise, Idaho

Athlos Academy of Utah, Herriman

Joined the Athlos Network: 2016

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish, Terrytown, Louisiana

Joined the Athlos Network: 2018

And then ends up back at Athlos Leadership Academy, Brooklyn Park

You can run the route with us as we travel the combined distance between all of our Athlos network schools. We will provide updates throughout the school year on our progress!

Who can participate? The whole Athlos community, including staff, students, and family members (pets too if you share a photo).

What’s the distance? 4,800 Miles.

What counts? Anything that counts as physical movement, this includes running, walking, hiking, biking, etc. Bonus points if you share photos or video!

How to report miles? You can message us on any of our social media channels or email us your miles at

Let’s run the Athlos network together!

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