Athlos School Leadership Teams Take Part in Annual Winter Institute

Athlos School Leadership Teams Take Part in Annual Winter Institute

Athlos Academies Winter Institute took place January 15-17 in Louisiana. The annual institute is an opportunity for school leadership teams from schools in the Athlos network to participate in professional learning and growth.

School leaders at a table together have a conversationThis year, our Winter Institute was held in Louisiana, where our newest school was built in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans. In addition to leadership coaching and instruction, this three-day event offered school leaders an opportunity to see another Athlos school, practice observation and coaching skills, and gain insights on how they can make improvements within their own schools.

At the Winter Institute, school leaders worked on goal setting, performance management, and operational training.


“The primary goal of the winter leadership institute is to give personalized, strategic training to our school leadership teams to finish the school year strong, and meet their annual goals,”

– Camille Wells, chief operations and growth officer at Athlos Academies.

During this event, school leaders learned about the new S.E.R.V.E. program that will be rolled out in each of the Athlos schools. S.E.R.V.E. is an acronym that represents how Athlos schools serves their students.

The mission of the S.E.R.V.E. program is to prepare students for success in a competitive future by focusing on the 21st century skills essential for future career and life success, as well as continuing a focus on a whole-child approach to development. The letter V stands for “volunteerism,” which the school leaders demonstrated by volunteering to prepare meals for low-income families at the Second Harvest Food Bank, the largest food bank in the state of Louisiana.

“It was a great hands-on example of what we’d like to see school leaders doing at the schools with the students,” Wells said. “Not only was it a unifying opportunity for them, but it was a great chance for them to see the local needs of students and their families in a community setting.”

School leaders at an Athlos schoolOur Winter Institute offers school leaders many professional development opportunities, plus the added benefit of learning from other leaders and applying it to their own schools. We are proud of our school leadership teams and their excellence in leading our teachers and students.

We look forward to the goals and achievements they make throughout the rest of this school year.


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