Athlos Schools Hold Food Drives

Athlos Schools Hold Food Drives

This winter, multiple Athlos schools held food drives to feed the hungry within their surrounding communities.

At Athlos schools, we strive to implement Performance Character traits such as integrity, humility, and leadership — teaching students the importance of being aware of community needs and taking action to address them.

Athlos Academy of Utah in Herriman, Utah collected and donated nearly 3,000 pounds of food to their local food bank. The school holds a campus-wide competition to see who can gather the most items to win prizes. Additionally, the students and their classes were featured in an article by their local news station.

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud and their Parent Teacher Association in St. Cloud, Minnesota also held their second annual food drive where students and staff worked together to gather over 200 items for their local food bank.

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish in Terrytown, Louisiana held a special donation drive during their “integrity week” where students could donate a canned good/non-perishable item for each day of the week in order to participate in daily activities. The proceeds benefited the Athlos food pantry that helps to aid struggling students’ families in the school.

As part of the Athlos model, it’s important for schools to give back to the community and exhibit Performance Character traits like initiative, humility, integrity, and social intelligence. We are proud of our school staff and students for taking the initiative to support their local community.

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