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Employees Move into Athlos Academies Headquarters

In late April, Boise homecourt staff officially moved into the new Athlos Academies headquarters in downtown Boise, Idaho. After months of occupying temporary space, the team is excited to be settling into their own space, and looking forward to welcoming partners and colleagues into the space in the upcoming months.

While the headquarters is new to Athlos staff, the building itself has a rich history in Boise and has been a staple in the downtown area since 1927. After sitting unoccupied for many years, Athlos received assistance from the city to revitalize and repurpose the space.

Staff currently occupies the second and fourth floors, and renovation continues on the remaining floors of the headquarters, with new and exciting milestones in construction and design taking place daily.

“We now have turf and a hardwood basketball court. The turf is blue—a reflection of our pride for being located in Boise, Idaho, home of the iconic Boise State blue turf,” said Cameron Arial, chief development officer at Athlos Academies.

The 10th Street display windows now have green turf and hardwood court on the floor, reflective of the spaces in Athlos schools. Signage and banners that reflect the organization and how Athlos serves partner schools will be added to that space soon. Additionally, the weight room is essentially complete with the installation of the new racking system.

Athlos Academies headquarters will not only serve as homecourt for the Boise team but will also be used as a state-of-the-art training facility for Athlos partners nationwide. The organization is also working to engage and build relationships with the local community through events and networking opportunities.

“It’s exciting to see our schools replicated in our new space,” said Ian Woods, school nutrition specialist at Athlos Academies. “And similar to our classrooms, we now have space to consistently have movement breaks during the work day.”

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