Athlos Academy of St. Cloud’s “Buddy Bench” Helps Students Practice Social Intelligence

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud, Minnesota recently held an assembly to introduce their new “Buddy Bench,” a bench for students who are looking to make a friend.

At the assembly, the drama club performed a skit to demonstrate how the bench works. Students who do not have anyone to play with or feel left out can sit there. Other students who see students sitting on the bench can go over and invite them to play with them.

“I am so excited to see this being practiced year-round at the buddy bench!” said Randy Vetsch, the executive director of Athlos Academy of St. Cloud. “The Buddy Bench will foster new friendships, promote kindness, and help us all to grow in one of our most important character traits, social intelligence.”

Athlos strives to encourage staff and students to the exhibit the Performance Character trait social intelligence, which we define as navigating relationships and interactions with respect and confidence.

This buddy bench was graciously donated by a local Athlos family, and it will be placed outside near the school playground once the ground thaws this spring.

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