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Progress Continues at Athlos Academies Headquarters

Progress Continues at Athlos Academies Headquarters

It may not look like it from the outside, but construction is underway and things are coming together at the new Athlos Academies headquarters in downtown Boise, Idaho. “We are so excited about the progress of Athlos headquarters,” said Cameron Arial, chief development officer at Athlos Academies.

Educator of Excellence: Yolanda Cantu

Visit Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX on any day, at any time, and you’re sure to see her. Whether she’s welcoming students in the morning, cheering on athletes after school, supporting the chess team in regional competitions, or interacting with students and teachers in the classroom, Yolanda Cantu is always present.

Athlos Book Club: Crucial Conversations

Top 10 Takeaways from Crucial Conversations

Conversations come in many forms, from friendly to professional, from low-risk to high-stakes, and from relaxed to tense. Every day we engage in numerous conversations, each which play important roles in shaping our expectations, relationships, and outcomes. Navigating conversations effectively takes certain skills, such as social intelligence, courage, self-control, and even humility.