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Courage at home

Reinforcing Performance Character at Home: Courage

At Athlos schools, we focus on teaching children the importance of 12 traits that we call Performance Character traits. Our Performance Character pillar recognizes the deep connection between these traits and success. The development of Performance Character is integrated into every learning opportunity, allowing students to experience this connection first hand.

teacher and student reading together

Bethel Graduates Build Community at Area Charter School

At Athlos Leadership Academy, they look for educators who believe in community, value character development, and above all have a big heart for students—and Bethel is turning out graduates that seem to be the perfect fit.

Praising Growth with a Growth Mindset

Six Tips on Helping Your Student Develop a Growth Mindset Through Praise

Recent studies indicate that how parents and educators give praise or reward for a student’s success can have a direct effect on their mindset.