Athlos Academies: A letter of gratitude

Through our virtual meetings and from under our face coverings, we are thankful for the school leadership, educators, kitchen staff, janitors, and supporting staff who serve our students and their continued efforts in keeping everyone safe.

Athlos Academies Fall Leadership Institute: Leaders Refresh Their Skills for the School Year

Athlos Academies invited school leadership from the Athlos network of charter schools to take some time to refresh their leadership skills at the Fall Leadership Institute in Park City, Utah November 11-13.

COVID-19: Schools must meet community needs by offering choice in education

We have relied on creativity to find new and innovative ways to deliver lessons, to keep students engaged and to still build a community in a virtual learning landscape.

St. Cloud Charter School Prepares for In-Person Learning

With about a week to go before the first day of classes, one St. Cloud charter school is preparing to welcome the majority of their students back in person.

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud Honors Veterans

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud recently held a Veterans Day program for Athlos families and the community in honor of the brave men and women who’ve served in our country’s military.

Herriman Neighborhood Purchases A Bus For Carpooling

One Herriman neighborhood has taken carpooling to the next level—residents bought a bus to drive their kids to school.

Building Community Starts with Schools

When thinking about culture within a school, the focus is often on students, staff and parents, and does not take into account the larger community. If our goal as educators is to help shape students into citizens who are active in contributing to society, not finding ways to create a school culture that includes the larger community is a mistake that needs to be addressed.
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Athlos Academy of Utah Director Receives UAPCS Circle of Excellence Award

Esther Thompson, first-year director at Athlos Academy of Utah…

Athlos Achievers: Athlos Leadership Academy-Austin Choir Named State Champions

The Athlos Leadership Academy-Austin choir stole the show during the Texas Charter School Athletic and Academic League Fine Arts Festival on Saturday, April 7. They walked away from the festival, which features competitions in photography, painting, sculpture, solo voice, acting, choir, and more, with three awards.