Athlos Academies: A letter of gratitude

Earlier this year, along with schools around the United States, Athlos schools closed and moved quickly to a distance learning format due to COVID-19.

As part of the Athlos model, exhibiting the Performance Character traits played a key role as our leadership teams acted quickly to find solutions. After examining online education options and meeting with leadership staff at each school, we created an impromptu system that prioritized connecting students to the teachers they were familiar with.

This school year, each Athlos Academy has taken on the challenge of adapting teaching methods, learning new tools, and finding ways to help students continue to learn and stay safe both online and on-campus. Although we know every day offers a new hurdle for our educators, our hearts are full of gratitude and thanksgiving as we work together to support our Athlos communities.

Through our virtual meetings and from under our face coverings, we are thankful for the school leadership, educators, kitchen staff, janitors, and supporting staff who serve our students and their continued efforts in keeping everyone safe.

We thank you and look forward to good things to come throughout the rest of this school year.

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