Athlos Students, Staff Participate in PBS Utah Reading Marathon

Athlos Students, Staff Participate in PBS Utah Reading Marathon

When it comes to reading, Athlos schools strive to incorporate new tactics to excite students such as events, involving local organizations, participating in book clubs, and encouraging parent collaboration at home.

Students at Athlos Academy of Utah recently participated in the PBS Utah 28th Annual Reading Marathon. By reading 20 minutes a day throughout November, students logged reading minutes for a chance to win an “adventure pass” that would grant them free admission to a variety of local adventure locations such as museums and discovery centers.

Athlos Academy of Utah encouraged students to participate by sharing reading logs, sharing daily quotes about the importance of reading, book suggestions, book fair support, reading tips, and more.

At Athlos schools, we have found that when teachers and school leadership become excited and involved in a program, the children naturally follow. Courtney Haacke, the operations manager at the school, recently witnessed Mandy Kartchner, the executive director, in one such moment of mentorship.

I was walking through the school the other day and I found Mandy all bundled up on the floor next to a first-grade student reading a book and I thought it was really sweet and really shows how much she truly cares about our students at Athlos Academy,” Haacke said. “Not very often will you find a director sitting on the floor reading with the students.”

By encouraging students to develop the habit of reading, even for just 20 minutes a day, Athlos schools help them become innovative problem solvers and active thinkers at school and at home.

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