Educators of Excellence: Coaching Duo Raise the Bar

If you could find two coaches who eat, breathe, and sleep the Athlos Healthy Body pillar, it would be Austin and Christina Ledesma. Both athletic performance coaches at International Leadership Texas (ILT) campus in Keller, this married duo embodies all that Athlos represents.

Educator of Excellence: Yolanda Cantu

Visit Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX on any day, at any time, and you’re sure to see her. Whether she’s welcoming students in the morning, cheering on athletes after school, supporting the chess team in regional competitions, or interacting with students and teachers in the classroom, Yolanda Cantu is always present.
The importance of teachers

The Importance of Teachers

With the close of the school year now within sight, it is appropriate to honor the energy that fuels the proverbial educational ship; teachers. On the front lines of learning, teachers provide the spark, flame, and wildfire influencing our next generation.