Character Huddles Make a Difference

As an Athletic Coordinator for Athlos Leadership Academy I have the pleasure of working with the Performance Coaches who administer the Athlos Athletic Curriculum on a daily basis, and I have seen first-hand how the Healthy Body pillar has made a difference in our school. The daily growth we see in our students motivates me personally to continue the journey that has been started and holds me in anticipation for what the future holds for the program. The Athlos model helps, not only our students, but coaches become better people.

I have seen students grow and develop to be more confident movers. Kids that already had an athletic base have improved their athleticism. In addition, I have witnessed the students that struggle with activity start developing the desire to improve their athletic skills as the school year progressed. I have noted plenty of our student’s transition from a negative attitude towards physical activity to a positive and welcoming attitude towards physical activity. Being a part of the Athlos model, where the intent is to allow the child to explore and discover learning through movement and creativity is what physical activity is all about!

Combining Performance Character traits and fitness has made all of the difference. Performance Character is what separates us from a traditional Physical Education program. Just the other day, our 3rd graders were participating in an obstacle course our coaches had set up for them. One student was struggling to complete one of the obstacles.  Another student turned to him and said “You can do this, find your grit and don’t give up!”  To hear a student of mine say this in the middle of a non-competitive completion activity was refreshing. It reinforces to the coaches, that we are making a difference through our character huddles and use of the Performance Character traits in our classrooms.

A reflection by Coach Gonzala Garza: Athlos Leadership Academy, Athletic Coordinator

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