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Student-Led Conference

Teacher Spotlight

flexible seating in the classroom

Flexible Classroom Seating Encourages Student Engagement

Abby McKimm’s fourth-grade students were fidgety. During classroom instruction time, McKimm often noticed her students shifting in their seats, becoming antsy, and losing their focus and concentration. In an attempt to re-focus her students, McKimm decided to try implementing flexible seating. Read more...

Staff Recognition

Amy Dolan

Amy Dolan Discovers New Species of Insect 

A shining star in the realm of everything curiosity, our very own middle school specialist, Amy Dolan, has been recognized for discovering a new species of insect — Pristiphora fructicola Smith and Dolan. The new species of sawfly was discovered by Dolan in the summer of 2015. Read more...

Message from our President

David Jeppson, President, Athlos

It’s remarkable how fast time has flown from the publication of our very first quarterly newsletter in October to this, the publication of our winter edition. If you’ve been following along with the progress of our organization and successes of our schools over the past three months, you know what a busy and exciting time it has been.

In my forward in our fall newsletter, I discussed my optimism about watching our two new schools in St. Cloud, Minnesota and Herriman, Utah settle into their first semesters as school communities. Their growth has far surpassed our expectations in so many ways. Both schools hit the ground running with their amazing and talented administrators, educators, and staff taking on all of the challenges of a first-year school with integrity, initiative, energy, and zest! They have created wonderful communities for our students to flourish.

A major milestone for these schools was their first ever student-led conferences, where the students themselves took the lead in reflecting on their successes and opportunities for growth and where they set goals for their bright futures. The great accomplishment of these conferences is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our team both in our schools and across the country.

In addition to the achievements of these new schools, we have continued to expand partnerships, worked to secure several school-level grants to better serve our students, and have started construction on the site of our newest Athlos school in Terrytown, LA.

In the next three months, we optimistically look forward to the many exciting opportunities we have been given. Our schools in Utah and Minnesota will expand their grade-level offerings with the addition of the seventh grade; our Boise team will be working diligently on our many partnerships, including recruitment efforts in Louisiana; and our Healthy Body pillar will grow as well, adding a new level to their program, which is implemented in schools nationwide.

Thank you all for taking the time to keep up to date with our organization. Here’s to another quarter of growth and to student success.


David Jeppson

David Jeppson signature

President, Athlos Academies

Schools Give Back to Those in Need

The holiday season is a time for giving, and students, staff, and families at our schools were especially in the giving spirit this year. School communities banded together to help those in need, assisting families and individuals in so many ways, from providing coats and meals, to volunteering. Here’s a look at some successes from our school communities.

Athlos Leadership Academy, Brownsville, TX

On Wednesday, Nov. 16 students from Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX volunteered to help feed those in need during the holiday season.

The school’s Character Ambassadors, a group of high school students with a goal of making a difference within the school and community while displaying Athlos Performance Character traits, participated in the annual H-E-B Feast of Sharing.

During the event, volunteers and community members served up 3,000 pounds of sliced turkey, 2,500 pounds of cornbread dressing, 750 pumpkin pies, 380 gallons of mashed potatoes, 140 gallons of turkey gravy, and 95 gallons of cranberry sauce.

During the month of December, the school took part in a campus-wide coat and food drive. In a period of two weeks, the school community collected 1,339 cans of food and 134 coats. These cans and coats were donated to two different local homeless shelters.

Athlos Academy of Utah

With a theme from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the school community at Athlos Academy of Utah collected food items during the month of December for their ”Who-liday” food drive. The goal they set was to line their hallways with non-perishable food donations.

The school collected an astounding 6,181 items which equaled 5,314 pounds of food for those in need.

Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

Students and staff at Athlos Academy of St. Cloud held a food drive during the month of December. The school community collected 187 food items making a total of 756 pounds of food donated to those in need during the holiday season.

For families in need during the holidays, the sixth-grade class and school staff members put together turkey dinner baskets. With donations from staff members, the sixth-grade students put together turkey dinners with all of the fixings. The baskets were picked up and distributed to various families in need.

These are just a few of the many stories of our very generous students, staff, and families in our school communities. We’re so proud of their initiative!

School Nutrition

Our school nutrition programs at Athlos of Utah and Athlos Academy of St. Cloud are up and running, and judging by the numbers, are quite a success. Here are our meals served to date.

meal counts

Students Exemplify Performance Character

At Athlos Academy of Utah, one student from each class is recognized weekly for exhibiting one of the Athlos Performance Character traits. Students are chosen by their teachers, who are tasked with telling the story of why their student is such an excellent example of the Performance Character trait of the week. We are proud of all of our amazing students for going above and beyond and being character performers. Flip through this round-up of some of our great Performance Character stories out of Athlos Academy of Utah.


Remington is traditionally creative, always giving so much detail to his art work and writing. He also thinks outside the box to help make a better learning environment for those around him.


Lily has shown great courage this year in coming to Athlos. Last year she had a bad experience in kindergarten and it made her feel anxious about school. She has shown great courage by coming to school each day even though she sometimes still felt nervous. She has also shown courage by always trying her best on her work, especially when it’s challenging to her.


It seems Megan doesn’t even realize how much of a leader she is. Her sweetness and kindness make everyone want to be her friend. The quiet, considerate way she goes about her school work is an example everyone can follow. She truly leads by example.


Lexi showed initiative when she began picking up trash on the playground and other students started following her lead. Athlos Academy of Utah has a much cleaner playground as a result.


Laney went through a period of time when she could not see very well, and met this challenge with optimism. It was shortly after the beginning of school when Laney was diagnosed with poor eye sight. She never complained that she could not see properly. She always kept her spirits high and her academics hardly suffered. Laney exhibited optimism throughout the entire process.


For Jolie, nothing comes at face value. She constantly approaches her teachers with her nose scrunched up and her eyes deep in thought as she challenges others with new ideas. Once she figures out the concept, she embraces the new information with exuberance. Jolie’s curiosity drives her passion for life.


During student-led conferences, Ethan set a goal for himself to work on his attention span and to ask more questions when he is confused. Following setting this goal, Ethan has followed through and demonstrated consistency in his words and actions. He is way more engaged in, and responsible for, his learning than ever before.


Brady is a great example of humility. Humility is the quality of being humble and means putting the needs of another person before your own, and thinking of others before yourself. Brady is kind and patient, he is always more concerned about the needs of others and knows how to be a great team player. He never cuts into lines; he walks quietly down the halls without expecting recognition. He never thinks his ideas are more important than anyone else.

Social Intelligence

Claire is so wonderful. She is attentive, ready to listen and learn throughout the day, always willing to help others, social at recess, and has just an overall amazing attitude. She is always respectful and kind with adults and peers.


Daniel comes to school every day excited to learn. He approaches each new lesson with enthusiasm.


Talan is so unwavering in his focus. Classwork absolutely comes before socializing. He has many friends in this class but when it is time to work he is the first to sit down and get it done. He sets a great example for those friends to follow!

Performance Character Pillar in Action

Athlos Leadership Academy, Brownsville students

Students Recognize School’s Unsung Heroes

At Athlos schools, huddles give students a structured daily opportunity for learning about and reflecting on Performance Character traits. Before winter break in December, students at Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX experienced a unique type of huddle. Led by the school’s character coach, Imelda C. Garcia, students in grades seven through 11 took part in a four-day humility huddle. Read more...

Healthy Body Pillar in Action


Students Jog for a Cause

Students at Athlos Academy of Utah laced up their sneakers, put on their athletic gear, and got active for a cause. In November, the Healthy Body coaches in Herriman, UT organized a jog-a-thon with the help of students, parents, and staff. With students’ health and safety in mind, the jog-a-thon’s purpose was to raise money for needed medical and safety supplies and equipment for the school. Read more...

Professional Development

Discover the Athlos Edge webinar

The Athlos Edge educational series got rolled out this past couple of months to a variety of excited participates. Formerly called the Athlos Leadership Induction Academy (ALIA), Athlos Edge consists of Athlos 101, 102, and 201. The first two in the series are one-hour live webinars that serve as an introduction to the Athlos model. Also, participants learn about the history and direction of Athlos initially and then go into more depth on each of the pillars throughout. Athlos 201 is by invitation and is a one-day event where participants experience, in-person, multiple elements of the model. The Athlos Edge series serves as a great way for us to share and promote our model, along with get to know potential teachers and employees in more depth. Read more…

What They Say

“The Athlos model is the best educational model I have ever seen! The Prepared Mind, Performance Character, and Healthy Body pillars speak to developing students in a holistic manner. The research base for each of these programming components ensures that students will receive a rigorous and powerful education, which will serve them well for years to come.”

“I think what really sets us apart from other schools is our character program. Not a lot of other schools focus on developing the student as a person. Making good grades is amazing, and important to get into a good university, but we also want them to leave here knowing that, in any situation they find themselves in, they know how to target relationships with other people. What these 12 traits do is allow students to fully grow as a person.”

“I love the fact that my children come home excited about school, the environment, and all of the physical activities they do while in school.”

“My boys love this school. Teachers are amazing; the school itself is beautiful! My boys love to go to school and enjoy being there all day. They love athletics. The curriculum is awesome, and my boys are thriving academically. Staff is amazing and so friendly. As a parent I could not be happier.”

School Partnerships


Seven partnerships in the DFW area






Two partnerships in San Antonio


Two partnerships in the Houston area


Brooklyn Park




St. Cloud


Jefferson Parish (Opening fall 2018)


Students being served

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