Ready to Learn, Ready to Move: Athlos Uniforms

It’s a new school year, and with it comes new apparel options!

At Athlos Academies, we believe that uniforms create a school culture of unity and respect, key components of our Performance Character pillar.  We are committed to stylish, durable, and affordable options.  The uniforms are made out of performance material to accommodate the daily fitness activities incorporated as part of our Healthy Body pillar.  A student ready to move is ready to learn!

Students are required to wear uniforms (shirt and shorts, skort, or pants) daily; however, we are sensitive to accommodating religious or medical needs that may interfere with the uniform policy.  Additionally, options are made available at the school-level to students in financial need.  Uniforms should never be a barrier to a child’s ability to learn.

This year, Athlos is excited to announce new apparel items, including athletic socks, beanies, long sleeve polo shirts, and hoodies!  Product sizing has also been updated to match US standard sizing, and sample apparel is available in every school to try on before ordering.

Purchases may be made online at  Check with your school for specific dress code requirements.  For more information, contact


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