At Athlos Academies, we understand that student success depends on more than academics alone. Our innovative three-pillar approach to education is paramount in developing the whole child by preparing them academically, physically, and with strong character. We support our fully-implementing partners by providing all services and support needed to not only start a new school from the ground up, but to excel.

In addition to our innovative three-pillar program, we assist our fully-implementing schools in all stages of their formation and operation. This includes everything from developing a charter application and building a facility, to school operations and educating students. We help schools succeed, so schools can help their students succeed.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Athlos Academies to any new or existing charter school looking for an affordable facility solution, operational support, or a rigorous curriculum that develops the whole-child. The benefits Athlos brings to schools and communities are innumerable.

Jennifer Geraghty, PrincipalAthlos Leadership Academy - Brooklyn Park

Pre-Approval Services

  • Charter application development
  • Authorizer approval assistance
  • Board governance training

Pre-Opening Services

  • Site identification
  • Facility construction
  • Lease agreement
  • Board policy development
  • Board training and cultivation
  • Budget development
  • School launch
  • Staff professional training
  • Staff and student recruitment

Operational Services

  • Bond market assistance
  • Research-based curriculum
  • Professional development
  • Website, email, social media, and marketing
  • Payroll processing and benefit management
  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Uniforms for purchase
  • Data reporting tools

Why should my school contract with an education service provider?

Charter school governing boards contract with education service providers for a number of reasons. First, Athlos Academies can leverage economies of scale through centralized services that a charter school alone would not be able to access. Second, Athlos Academies can alleviate day-to-day management pressures school leaders are faced with, allowing them to focus on being the instructional leader. Third, schools are able to direct more resources into the classroom when they take advantage of innovative financing models, like the one offered through Athlos Academies.

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