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Students Celebrate National Character Day

Athlos students at Athlos Leadership Academy in Brownsville, TX demonstrated what Performance Character means to them during multiple celebrations and activities on National Character Day, Sept. 23, 2016.

The school’s elementary and sixth grade students celebrated by creating their very own “character jigsaw puzzles.” Each classroom was divided into groups, and each group personalized their puzzle using the Performance Character traits as the main piece.

The students then presented their puzzles to the class, shared the quote that they used in their puzzle, and discussed how their Performance Character trait will help them become the leaders of tomorrow.

At the high school, character ambassadors created and distributed cards with words of kindness to parents during morning drop off.

“The goal for this group of high school students, who I sponsor, is to make a difference within our school and community while displaying our Performance Character traits,” said Imelda Garcia, character coach at Athlos Leadership Academy.

These students distributed over 450 cards and are eager to take part in more activities like this.

“Parents commented how wonderful they felt to receive these cards during the morning,” Garcia said. “It made their day.”

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