Reading, Writing, Math: Developing Confident Problem Solvers

In the Athlos Academics curriculum, when it comes to reading, writing, and math, it’s more than what students learn, but how they learn, comprehend, and apply their newfound knowledge to real-world problems.
Attendance Awareness

Attendance Matters: The Impact of Tardiness on Student Success

Good school attendance often starts with smaller steps, such as arriving and leaving on time. At Athlos schools, some of the most important learning opportunities for students occur in the morning where they often participate in class huddles, morning announcements, and develop relationships with their peers.
Students and parents at student-led conferences

Student-Led Conferences: Helping Children Lead

At Athlos Academies, student-led conferences take the place of traditional parent-teacher conferences. These conferences help students take ownership of their learning as they honestly reflect on their progress, discuss their successes and challenges, and set goals for the future.
Distinguished Athlos Educators

Athlos Academies Recognizes 2018 Distinguished Athlos Educators

Athlos Academies has recognized three Distinguished Athlos Educators from partner schools nationwide. The Distinguished Athlos Educators award is given annually to three individuals who exemplify quality performance in the Athlos program.
The Bonners with their children with special needs

Meeting Special Needs Through Social Intelligence

At Athlos schools, we strive to be responsive to students with special needs. Each child comes with unique requirements for learning, and we prioritize their needs through social intelligence, a performance character trait Athlos defines as navigating relationships and interactions with respect and confidence.

The Impact of a Growth Mindset on Student Achievement and Success

The power of growth mindset: Whether a student has a growth mindset or fixed mindset has a direct impact on how he or she faces academic challenges.
September is attendance awareness month

Attendance Matters: Creating Good Attendance Habits Helps Students Succeed at School

Students with high attendance rates score higher on tests and are more likely to graduate than their peers who miss two or more days per month. Being present in class is a huge predictor of student success.
Athlos Book Club

Athlos Book Club: Book Recommendations for Educators from the Athlos Team

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The Impact of Active, Student-Centered Classrooms on Student Success

At Athlos Academies, we find it essential that classrooms are…
2017 Distinguished Athlos Educator

Athlos Academies Recognizes 2017 Distinguished Athlos Educators

The Distinguished Athlos Educator award is given annually to…